• 5-day course IN225
  • Installer 2, copper exam


Total USD 2811 (AED 10,344) per candidate

April 21 – 26, 2018

Includes the following:

  • IN225 course
  • BICSI ITSIMM manual (print)
  • BICSI individual membership for one year
  • Exam fee

Travel and accommodation not included

Who Should Attend

ITS installers who wish to expand their knowledge of the industry, learn new skills and continue to advance professionally.


Applicant must have at least one year of current and verifiable ITS industry installation experience.

Knowledge and skills

Must be able to distinguish between different colors and possess manual dexterity to complete fine motor tasks.

Course Materials

Students will use the ITSIMM (print). Professional or prescription safety glasses are also recommended.

BICSI Installer 2, Copper

Experience: Individuals preparing to site for the ITS Installer 2, Copper exam must possess at least one year of current and verifiable ITS industry Installation experience.
Knowledge and skill Requirements: Participants sitting for the ITS installer 2, copper exam must be able to distinguish between different colors and possess manual dexterity to complete fine motor task.
Exam candidates are strongly encouraged to attend an IN225: BICSI ITS Installer 2, Copper Training course prior to sitting for the exam. Before coming to class, students will also benefit from at least 50 hours of independent or group study of BICSI’s Information Transport Systems Installations Methods Manuals (ITSIMM).
Exam: The ITS installer 2, Copper exam is currently based on the Information Transport Systems Installation Methods Manual (ITSIMM) and is a two part exam –hands-on and written. To become a BICSI ITS Installer 2, copper, you must successfully pass both parts.
Hands-On Exam: The ITS Installer 2, copper hands-on exam is given the last day of the IN225: ITS Installer 2, Copper Training course. The hands-on performance exam consists of completing six randomly chosen ITS installer 2, copper tasks to industry standards, within a 20 minute per task time limit. Proctors will give the pass/fail results on site.
Written Exam: The ITS Installer 2, Copper written exam is given the day after the IN225: ITS Installer 2, Copper Training course. The exam is two hours in length and consists of 100 questions drawn from BICSI’s Information Transport systems Installation methods Manual (ITSIMM). Chapters 6 and 9 of the ITSIMM are excluded from this exam. The format of the exam is closed-book, written multiple choice and a few true/false (with questions based on both knowledge and application).
Renewal Requirements: BICSI requires individual with the installer 2, copper credential to complete the OJT booklet within the first three year registration period. Proof of current installation activity and 15 CECs is also required to renew the ITS Installer 2, copper credential.

IN225: BICSI ITS Installer 2, Copper training (5days)

Keep up with innovations, trends and emerging technologies in copper cabling installation.

The course begins with an overview of copper transmission principles, professionalism, life safety and general industry best practices, as related to copper. A significant amount of course time will then be spent on BICSI best practices for the installation, termination, testing and retrofitting of copper cable. Additional topics covered will include BICSI best practices for pathways and spaces; grounding, bonding and protection; and firestopping.

Topics Include:

  • Codes and Standards/ BICSI best practices
  • Copper transmission principles
  • Safety
  • Professionalism
  • Telecommunication pathways
  • Telecommunication spaces
  • Grounding, bonding and protection
  • Firestopping
  • Installation/ pulling copper cable
  • Termination of copper cable
  • Testing/troubleshooting of copper cable
  • Retrofitting
  • Filed coordination

For additional information and exam application, visit – 2- copper