• 5-day course TE350
• ITS Technician exam

Total USD 3111 (AED 11,448) per candidate

Aug 12 – 17

Includes the following:
• TE350 course
• BICSI ITSIMM manual (print)
• BICSI Individual membership for one year
• Exam fee
Travel and accommodation not included
Who Should Attend
ITS installers who wish to expand their knowledge of the industry, learn new skills and continue to advance professionally.
Applicant must have at least two years of current and verifiable ITS industry installation experience.
Knowledge and Skills
Must be able to distinguish between different colors and possess manual dexterity to complete fine motor tasks.
Course Materials
Students will use the ITSIMM (print). Personal or prescription safety glasses are also recommended.

BICSI Technician

BICSI ITS Technician candidates are tested on their ability to understand and apply a comprehensive collection of installation-specific information. After you have acquired your Technician designation, you will be able to:

  • Successfully lead an installation group or team using project management skills.
  • Perform advanced testing and troubleshooting for both copper and optical fiber installations.
  • Discuss and evaluate numerous specific applications of ITS cabling installation.
  • Make recommendations based on applicable codes, standards, and best practices.
  • Implement the job plan and scope of work as well as perform retrofits and upgrades for existing infrastructure.

Experience: Individuals preparing to sit for the ITS Technician exam must possess at least three years of current and verifiable ITS industry installation experience.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements: Participants sitting for the ITS Technician exam must be able to distinguish between different colors and possess manual dexterity to complete fine motor tasks. It is recommended to attend a TE350: BICSI ITS Technician Training course as well as independent or group study of BICSI’s Information Transport Systems Installation Methods Manual, (ITSIMM).

Exam: The ITS Technician exam is currently based on the ITSIMM and is a two-part exam, hands-on and written. To become a BICSI ITS Technician, you must successfully pass both parts.

Hands-On Exam: The hands-on performance exam consists of completing six assigned tasks to industry standards, within a 20-minute-per-task time limit. Proctors will give pass/fail results on site.

Written Exam:
The written exam is closed-book and contains 150 questions in multiple choice and true/false format. If an individual does not hold both the ITS Copper and Optical Fiber Installer 2 credentials or an Installer 2 credential, the written exam will have an additional 30 questions (180 questions total). Questions are taken from all chapters of the BICSI ITSIMM, and are both knowledge- and application-based. 2½ hours are allowed to complete the written exam.

Renewal Information:
In order to maintain your credential, there are required benchmarks to accomplish during each three year registration period. You must show proof of completion of a minimum of 18 BICSI-approved Technician Continuing Education Credits (CECs). Additionally, you must complete and receive sign-off from a supervisor or qualified witness on each of the tasks listed in your OJT booklet (for first-time renewal only). When you complete and submit your renewal form and fee to BICSI, on or before your credential expiration date, you must also include the above benchmarks.

TE350: BICSI ITS Technician Training (5 days)

Join an elite group of installers who possess this high level of skills training.
Take your installation performance to the next level through the study of specialized systems and advanced copper and optical fiber structured cabling systems. TE350 is an intensive course that provides the necessary skill set of a structured cabling systems technician. An advanced study of copper splicing, testing and troubleshooting will open this course. A significant amount of course time will then be spent on the splicing, testing and troubleshooting of optical fiber cable. The third major topic covered in this class will be field coordination, including site surveys, blueprint reading, network infrastructure and project management. This course will also cover some special topics within ITS cabling installation.

Topics include:

  • Codes and standards/BICSI best practices
  • Safety
  • Professionalism
  • Copper splicing
  • Copper testing
  • Copper troubleshooting

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