• 5-day course PM110 and self study
  • RTPM exam

Total USD 3650 (AED 13,432)
per candidate
Includes the following:

  • PM101 & PM102
  • TPMM 1st Edtion
  • BICSI Individual membership for one year
  • RTPM application & exam fee

Travel and accommodation not included
PM110 is an introductory course to project management in the telecommunications industry. BICSI recommends that students have at least two years of ICT experience before attending this class and possess basic knowledge of project management concepts. Review of the Telecommunications Project Management (TPM) reference, 2nd edition, is also recommended.
Course Materials
You are encouraged to bring a laptop computer to class.
Who Should Attend
Telecommunications project managers, project coordinators, lead technicians, project team leaders, candidates preparing to take the RTPM exam or individuals seeking new career paths in this rapidly growing field.
Course Objective
To prepare for the RTPM credential

RTPM Training Brochure

The role of an effective project manager is crucial to the outcome of any successful project. They must plan, execute and finalize projects all within strict deadlines and within budget.

In 2012, BICSI released the Registered Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM). An RTPM oversees and coordinates the interaction between designers, engineers, installers and technicians when new information and communications technology (ICT) industry projects are being developed or undergoing construction. As technology continues to grow faster each decade, the demand also increases for proficient telecommunications project managers. To become a successful telecommunications project manager, individuals need a through understanding of ICT, personnel management and project management.

Requirements and Qualifications
To sit for the RTPM credential examination, you must have:
A minimum of two years of approved and verifiable experience in Project Management, such as planning, execution and closing of any project. The project Management experience does not have to be directly related to telecommunications, but telecommunications experience is a plus. Experience must be within the last six years.

PM110: Telecommunications Project Management Program (5 days)

Project management is a discipline that encompasses planning, organizing, and managing resources to achieve successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Project management has become an important part of the information and communications technology (ICT) community. Becoming a successful ICT PM requires knowledge of the project management process and the telecommunications process (e.g., codes, standards, installation methods, telecommunications design). This intensive five-day course covers the entire cycle of a project with an emphasis on construction projects as they relate to ICT design and installation projects.

Project areas covered in class include

  • Project initiation
  • Human resource management
  • Communication management
  • Quality management
  • Procurement management
  • Project closing
  • Project safety
  • Project scheduling
  • Risk management
  • Cost management
  • Change management

RTPM exam

2 hours, 100 questions, closed-book, multiple choice
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