BICSI Publications

BICSI offers a complete library of specialized information technology systems reference books and technical manuals. The major publications are:

  • ANSI/BICSI 002-2014, Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices
  • Outside Plant Design Reference Manual, 5th Edition
  • BICSI Library
  • Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, 13th Edition
  • Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual, 1st Edition
  • The BICSI ITS Dictionary
  • ANSI/NECA/BICSI 568-2006, Standard for Installing Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling
  • Electronic Safety and Security Design Reference Manual, 3rd Edition
  • Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual, 6th Edition
  • Network Systems and Commissioning (NSC) reference, 1st Edition
  • Telecommunications Project Management (TPM) reference, 1st Edition
  • NECA/BICSI 607-2011, Standard for Telecommunications Bonding and Grounding Planning and Installation Methods for Commercial Buildings
  • ANSI/BICSI 005-2013, Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) System Design and Implementation Best Practices
  • ANSI/BICSI 004-2012, Information Technology Systems Design and Implementation Best Practices for Healthcare Institutions and Facilities

These publications can be ordered online from BICSI website or purchased from e-sharp when booking for a related training.