Consultancy Service for Structured Cabling

Design and Auditing

Structured cabling system has become the fourth utility for every building. It provides the backbone and connectivity for IT networking and telecom systems and many building services such as CCTV, building management systems (BMS).

Many structured cabling systems are not designed or installed properly and they prove to be unreliable, unmanageable and not suitable for future high-speed LAN traffic. All these issues can be avoided with careful design based on industry standards and best practices. Our skilled consultants with BICSI RCDD credentials can plan and design a system to meet your needs of today, tomorrow and future.

With a wide variety of choices of products in the market, it may be quite difficult to choose the right ones for your requirement. Every installation may have a unique requirement and one has to carefully consider all the choices available and choose the right technology and product to meet the requirement. We can help you to decide what is best for you by considering such questions as: copper or optical fiber? singlemode of multimode optical fiber? how many cores of optical fiber? shielded or unshielded copper solution? Category 5e, 6, 6A, 7 or 7A? Pre-terminated or field terminated?

It is not enough to get the best product and the ideal design of cabling system to ensure you have the best system to meet your needs for over 10 or 20 years. It is also equally important to install the systems properly the first time. Structured cabling systems may not work the way it was designed unless it is installed the right way. How can you check the quality of the installation of the cabling system by your cabling contractor? We can assist you in auditing the cabling system installation based on industry standards. We will use various test equipment for copper and optical fibre and complete inspection of the system to report to you what is done right and what is not.

e-sharp’s engineers have been designing and installing IT infrastructures for over 20 years and will be happy to assist in defining your requirements and building up a generic cabling infrastructure plan fit for the next generation of networks.