Skill Requirements
To fully participate in any of the ITS Installer and/or Technician level courses and exams, all participants must be able to distinguish between different colors.They must also possess manual dexterity to complete fine motor tasks. Reading the Information Transport Systems Installation Methods Manual (ITSIMM) before coming to class is strongly recommended for class and exam success.

Installation Trainings

The goal of the ITS Cabling Installation Program is to provide a career path for the vendor-neutral professional development of highly competent telecommunications cabling installers through world-renowned training and internationall recognized credentials.

Individuals successfully completing the program will be experienced in the proper installation of data, voice and video cabling within the confines of a commercial building structure. They will be able to conduct site surveys, pull wire/cable, terminate and test copper and optical fiber cable to the highest level of specification.

BICSI’s program provide multi-levels of knowledge and experience:

  • ITS Installer 1
  • ITS Installer 2, Copper
  • ITS Installer 2 Optical Fiber
  • ITS Technician

The program offers core skills training, examinations and structured on-the job training to meet the diverse needs of the ITS cabling industry. The multiple levels of competency provide a career path for ITS cabling installers. BICSI’s cabling installation training offers the opportunity for continued professional and career development.

Suggested Installation Exam Preparation

Experience ITSIMM Course
ITS Installer 1 No industry experience required. 50+hours of independent study IN101
ITS Installer 2, Copper 1+ year of current and verifiable ITS industry installation experience. 50+hours of independent study IN225
ITS Installer 2 Optical Fiber IN101: BICSI Installer 1 50+hours of independent study IN250
ITS Technician DCD: Data Centre Design (Capitoline) 50+hours of independent study TE350