Schedule :TBA.

  • PM102 5 – day course.
  • RTPM exam online through Pearson VUE.

Fee : Total USD 4101.00 (AED 15,092.00)per candidate (includes 5% VAT)
per candidate Includes the following:

  • PM101 & 102 Course
  • TPM reference manual
  • BICSI Membership for one year
  • RTPM exam and application fee

RTPM Training Brochure

PM101: Introduction to Project Management

BICSI’s PM101: Introduction to Project Management is an online, self-paced
course intended to act as the first step for the ICT professional who is looking
to transition into project management. This course provides a basic overview
of the project management process from project selection to closeout, including
information about risk management, quality control, and procurement planning.
It offers up-to-date principles and strategies that you can use to make your project
teams successful.

Course Objectives

+ Identify the properties of a project, define the role of the project manager and list
the project process stages.
+ List the stages of team development, name the four risk responses for threats
and specify the four quadrants of a SWOT analysis.
+ Define the scope, schedule and cost baselines in the context of a project plan.
+ List the three classifications of communication methods, name the three triple
constraints and specify the steps of reviewing a change request.
+ Apply scheduling tools and techniques to determine project performance.

About This Course

+ BICSI CONNECT online course*
+ 60 days to complete course
+ 6 CECs

Who Will Benefit?

+ Anyone thinking about transitioning
into a project management role
+ Architects
+ Consultants
+ Engineers
+ Facility professionals
+ IT professionals
+ Telecommunication professionals

PM102: Applied Telecommunications Project Management

Project management is the foundation of any successful project. This
course provides leaners with the tools and templates to successfully
manage an ICT project throughout the entire project lifecycle. This course
is designed to provide ICT professionals an opportunity to build on their existing
project management skills while also exploring the steps and thought processes
behind the basic principles and information necessary for managing a successful
telecommunications project.In BICSI’s PM102: Applied Telecommunications Project Management course, you
will not only learn how to manage projects from start to finish, you will also be better
prepared to apply these management concepts and skills in real-world situations.

Course Highlights

+ Designing a project charter
+ Creating a project safety plan
+ Templates for managing
project risk
+ Project scheduling
+ Project stakeholder identification
+ Cost management
EVM development
+ Develop a procurement plan
+ Change management tools
+ Conduct lessons learned
+ ICT project documentation
+ Build network diagrams
+ Leadership and team management
Prerequisites & PreparationPM102 is designed for those who have
a minimum of two years of experience in
ICT and possess basic knowledge of project
management concepts. If you do not meet
the experience requirement, BICSI strongly
recommends that you complete PM101
prior to enrolling in PM102.

About This Course

+ 5-day course
+ 35 CECs

Who Should Attend?

+ Candidates preparing to take the
RTPM exam
+ Individuals seeking a career in
project management
+ Installers seeking advancement to
lead technician
+ Data center professionals managing
ICT projects
+ Architects/engineers who manage
ICT projects