Data Centre Training

We offer data center training from BICSI and Capitoline.

Released in 2011, the BICSI Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) was created to recognize those individuals who have demonstrated both the knowledge and ability to apply it over the multiple facets within data center design. Candidates for the DCDC designation are individuals involved in the planning, implementing and making of critical decisions regarding data centers. Data center, IT, facility or project managers, architects, engineers, designers, consultants and those planning to enter careers in the data center design, construction or maintenance fields would benefit from earning the DCDC credential.

Capitoline training is the only data centre training provided by chartered engineers actively involved in designing and auditing data centres and gives you the opportunity to learn from practical experiences. Capitoline courses reference all the main data centre standards and draw extensively on the practical experience gained by Capitoline’s active involvement in data centre design and auditing. Capitoline’s founding partners wrote the first data centre training course.

The Capitoline courses are continually adapted to reflect best practices and new technologies and standards as they develop. Capitoline’s training has now benefitted thousands of individuals across the world. The two major trainings by Capitoline are Data Centre Design(DCD) and Data Centre Operational Management(DCOM) .