DCOM – Data Centre Operations Management Training
A 2-day training course focusing on the best practices for the Management and Operation of a data centre

Learn how to manage your data centre

Based on real project experience
Learn from the mistakes of others. Based on our practical experience derived from auditing over 100 data centres across the world this 2-day course focuses on the best practices in the management and operation of data centres.
What will you learn?
This comprehensive course will show you how to manage your data centre to improve reliability and security and maximise energy efficiency.
You will learn exactly what documentation, policies and procedures you should have in place to ensure the smooth running of your facility.
Did you know that many of the most common and catastrophic data centre failures are caused by the lack of simple procedures? We show you the critical “must have” processes that help you to avoid the common failures. Many Data Centre Managers only experience a few facilities in their career. Our instructors see new facilities every month. If you have a question they will have the answer.
Simply the best learning experience
The course is packed with practical exercises to help you in understanding energy efficiency, capacity management and many other topics. If you want someone to just read the slides to you then try one of our competitors. If you want a real learning experience come to us.
Our classes are interactive which means you can learn not only from the instructor’s practical experience and real project examples but also from the experience of fellow delegates.
The course is kept continuously up to date and explains in detail the relevance of US, UK, European and International standards and how to apply them. Our instructors are actively involved in the committees developing European data centre standards.
Simply excellent, this is a mandatory course for all people that work in a DC”. Luigi Paulon, AG Insurance.
A very useful course and I will recommend it for all my co-workers in the bank“. Mohammed Obaidat, Riyad Bank, KSA.

Meet your Instructors
Matt and Barry are the founding partners of Capitoline, each with over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry. They are both Chartered Engineers (CEng) with Engineering degrees (BSc(Hons)), Uptime Institute Accredited Designers (ATD), Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Barry Elliott
Barry Elliott
Matt Flowerday
Matt Flowerday

Since 2005 Matt and Barry have been exclusively involved in helping customers improve data centre designs and operational management systems. When they are not training they are actively involved in real data centre design and operations management projects.

Capitoline is the only Data Centre training provider which offers you the benefit of this experience.




“Probably the only true Data Centre Design Operational Management course”


Course content

  • Introduction to Data Centre Operational Management
  • Issues affecting Reliability- Why data centres fail?
  • Measuring and Improving Efficiency
  • Documentation, Policies and Procedures
  • Security Management
  • Operations Management
  • Testing and Maintenance
  • Monitoring, BMS and DCIM
  • Health and Safety
  • Incident Management, Business Continuity and Disaster recovery
  • Capacity Management
  • Change Management
  • Supplier Management

Who should attend?

  • IT managers and directors
  • Data centre managers and directors
  • Facilities managers

We can come to you
Any of our courses can be delivered at your site. In that way you benefit by focusing entirely on issues that matter to you. We can even combine the course with an instructor led audit of your facility and processes. No other training provider can offer this because their instructors simply don’t have the practical experience.